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Top Features Of Toll Free Number That Your Business Will Need

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Every business gives their best to succeed and grow. They don’t want to miss out on anything while building the reputation among their target audience. Even though many aspects can be considered while making a brand credible, but one of the most important factors among them is connecting with customers the right way. And without any doubt, a toll free number can make this thing possible. 

Nothing can beat the significance of international toll free number, such a tool has the power to boost your brand image and increase customer satisfaction on the go. There is a reason why such numbers are growing in popularity. Continue to ready this blog to know about the excellent features of such numbers. 

What Are Toll Free Numbers?

Toll free numbers are special cloud-based numbers that are free to call from the customer’s end. The receiver will bear the charges of making the call. The toll free number for business starts with a code that is specific to one area. 

Considering that the callers aren’t charged for making calls, thus, this makes the business look for credible. With this, the customer satisfaction rates also get improved. Rather than adding your personal number, it is always better to use official numbers to remain at a competitive edge. 

How To Get This Number?

You can avail an international toll free number directly from cloud telephony providers. When your customer wishes to call you using such a number, the provider will establish a connection between the customer and your call center. Thus, this is how you can avail this number. 

Essential Features Of International Toll Free Numbers

Before relying on the best international toll free number providers, it is important to check the essential features of such numbers right away. 

  1. The Click To Call Functionality : Toll free numbers are integrated with click to call functionality that provides businesses the flexibility to connect with business services using any device no matter where the location is. With this feature, there is no need for manual dialing and it lowers the risk of dialing errors. A toll free number also converts online traffic to leads by enabling them to click the number. Thus, this results in better conversion rate and user-friendly experience. 

  2.  Allows Real-Time Analysis : Toll free number for international call comes with the feature of real-time analysis. In simple words, all your outbound and inbound are duly tracked and monitored to gather helpful insights. With it, you can identify which of your agents are handling customer calls seriously and which are not! And accordingly, you can take actions to improve your business operations.
  3. Solid Marketing Tool : Virtual local phone number is undoubtedly a solid marketing tool that every business must use. Including such a number in your marketing campaign can make you gather potential leads. Moreover, they streamline the communication process between the business and its customers. Hence, by using it you can ace your marketing goals easily.

  4. Everything Remains In Cloud : Toll free numbers are completely cloud-based communication. They are maintained by cloud telephony providers and do not require any additional upfront cost. Besides, cloud system supports centralized access to critical business information, spontaneous backup, and scalability at minimal charges. With these capabilities, your organization can emerge successfully at a rapid pace. 


Lastly, if you are running a business then having an international toll free is highly important. These numbers build a seamless communication between your brand and the customers. Hope, this blog has served your purpose. So, if you want to get this number then reach out to the best VoIP service provider today! 

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Top Features Of Toll Free Number That Your Business Will Need

  Every business gives their best to succeed and grow. They don’t want to miss out on anything while building the reputation among their tar...