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How A Toll Free Number Can Shape Your Business?

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We all know how important hosted PBX has become for every business out there. Do you remember the days when you used to use on-site PBX? But now everything is taken in the cloud. There is no loss of data or miscommunication. Organizations don’t need to worry about hardware installation since you will only need a stable internet connection. 

Moreover, with the emergence of virtual PBX system, businesses are able to modernize their operations and take their workforce to a different level. However, before proceeding with the system, it is vital to explore some of the fascinating facts about it. Have a read! 

The Rising Popularity Of Hosted PBX

When it comes to hosted PBX, it is true that there has been the massive rate of the growth of the usage and this had also led to the demand of the same. At the same time it is also true that with the direct integration of the same, there has been the huge rate of the savings of the business functionality and increases the net revenue growth of the same. So, why wait when you have the best hosted PBX in your business now. Read more to get all the insights. 

Explore The Unbelievable Facts About Cloud Based PBX

Want to know about some of the facts about cloud based PBX that are unknown to you? Take a look at the pointers below: 

  1. Easily Accessible Through Any Network : Since cloud hosted PBX is entirely internet based, you can easily connect all your business devices to the telecom network. With this, you can get access to all your work from anywhere in the world. No matter where you go, you don’t need to carry anything externally for your files. Everything will be safe in the cloud. Besides, with hosted PBX, you will not only get the traditional services but also much more advanced features along with it. 

  2. More Features Than Traditional Phone System : No doubt, cloud PBX comes with more features than a traditional phone system. Some of the features include a help desk and call center functionality feature. Also, it can easily integrate with your sales, marketing, or other company databases. There will be no on-site maintenance. Everything can be handled remotely without any additional labor cost. Thus, with this comes cost savings and less time consumption. 

  3.  Ensure Successful Business Continuity : Cloud PBX providers ensure to set up the PBX in a way that will back up your systems automatically. Moreover, upgrades occur at digital speed in the cloud! Besides, a traditional PBX is entirely dependent upon a centralized physical device that is located in your business. And in case, if any natural disaster occurs and hampers the hardware system, what will happen to your business communication? With a virtual office phone system, your communication platforms remain uninterrupted for you to take care of your customers easily no matter what happens to your corporate location.

  4. The Starting Process Is Quite Easy : To set up a cloud hosted PBX you will need fast internet, an IP PBX system, and everything is done. With an easy-to-use dashboard feature on the browser window, it will be easy to add or remove employees. Due to the cloud’s scalability feature, you won’t have to wait for local phones to install more phone jacks or phone lines. There won’t be any need for hard wiring, hardware configuration, system upgrades, and on-site maintenance. None of this will be necessary with cloud PBX for your business. 

  5. Boosts Your Organization’s Productivity : You can integrate these platforms with your existing communication tools. The efficiency of hosted PBX ensures to boost your organization’s productivity. With so many communication features available, providing seamless customer service would become very easy. You can easily keep pace with the changing demands of your customers. Doing this will make your customers feel more valued, and this might lead to the growth of the net rate of the productivity. Also, you can even continue your business work while talking with a customer. All of these are possible with a virtual PBX system. 


If you are still confused about whether the features of hosted PBX are real or not then you must directly check it out by yourself. Get in touch with the top hosted PBX providers today and get started with it right away. 

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How A Toll Free Number Can Shape Your Business?

  We all know how important hosted PBX has become for every business out there. Do you remember the days when you used to use on-site PBX? ...